Are there any restrictions during an Ayurvedic treatment ?

  • During an Ayurvedic protocol, in terms of exercise, one cannot indulge in jogging, brisk walking, swimming sport, or any kind of strenuous work. You can take a walk on our campus before 8 hrs. and after 17 hrs. only. Yogic breathing, Meditation, and relaxation techniques are advised under the supervision of a yoga instructor.
  • It is good to indulge in light reading, so as to give rest to the eyes. Listening to soothing music will allow your body to absorb the effects of treatments.

Are Ayurveda medicines safe ?

  • Yes, when prescribed appropriately by qualified doctors. All Ayurveda medicines are made from natural sources. All medicine compositions are referred from the text of Ashtangahrudhaya and all our medicine manufacturing factories are certified by ISO and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

What makes Ayurdan Ayurveda different from Spas, Wellness centres, other healing centres and resorts around the world ?

  • Traditional Ayurvedic treatments are conducted with well-qualified and efficient Doctors, with the assistance of well-qualified and experienced therapists under the direct guidance of qualified Ayurvedic doctors. Special care is taken by doctors
    to ensure that procedures followed are as per the instructions laid down in ancient literature. Yoga & physiotherapy are also
    included in the treatment according to the nature of the cases.

What else makes Ayurdan Ayurveda unique ?

  • We are a model for Ayurveda living, providing you with traditional Ayurveda treatment and taking care of curative cases only.
  • The landscaped gardens include Ayurveda and herbal plants.
  • Our Eco-friendly approach makes use of solar water heating systems. We offer a smoke-free zone and a pure vegetarian

How early, do I need to book a reservation or consultation ?

  • Preferably 2 – 3 weeks in advance for a stay in all categories of rooms.

How to contact the Vaidyaratnam Nursing Home? Whom to contact for reservation and other assistance ?

  • Telephone: +91 4734 256085 – Reservation
    Email: ayurdanayurveda@gmail.com
  • Website: www.ayurdanayurveda.com
  • Address: Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital & Panchakarma Centre, Ayyappa Temple Road, Near Pandalam Palace, Pandalam,
    Pathanamthitta District, Kerala pin – 689501

How can I reach Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital? Do you have any Travel assistance ?

  • The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (TRV) which is 110 km from Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital and
    it will take around 150 minutes by road. A prepaid taxi is available at the Airport.
  • The nearest Railway Station is Chengannur which is 12 km from Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital and it will take around 20
    minutes by car or three-wheeler.
  • If requested, we will arrange pick-ups and drops. Call taxi facility is also available.

Basic facility in Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital.

  • 24 x 7 Medical team.
  • 24 x 7 Reception and Security
  • All rooms have Cable TV having Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and a few other languages.
  • All rooms are connected to a landline telephone.
  • All rooms are a bath attached.
  • Has a vegetarian Restaurant and Laundry services for both patients and bystanders.
  • Internet browsing and Wifi connection.

What is the duration of treatment ?

  • The duration of the treatments ranges between 16 to 30 days depending on the condition of the patients and their
    responses to the treatments.

What kind of accommodation do you have ?

  • We have Suite Rooms, Executive Rooms, Standard Rooms, A/C Deluxe Rooms, A/C rooms, Ordinary Rooms, and also General wards for females and males separately

What is the approximate cost for treatment ?

  • Normally the cost of treatments and medicines will be around INR 3000 per day. But it may vary according to the condition
    of the patient and his response time. In addition need to incur cause for other services like room rent, canteen, laundry, etc.

Is it required to make any advance payment before admission? How can I make the payments ?

  • We accept the advance at the time of admission only.
  • We accept Demand Draft, Credit/Debit cards, Cash, and NEFT/RTGS.
  • The demand Draft should be in favor of “Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital & Panchakarma Centre”, payable at Pandalam.
  • NEFT/RTGS can be transferred to the following accounts.


ACCOUNT NAME: Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital & &PanchakarmaCentre





  • Can arrange foreign currency exchange facility through our front office.

What are the payment conditions ?

  • Part payment, as advance at the time of admission.
  •  Final Settlement at the time of discharge. Cheques will not be accepted.
  • Excess advance if any, will credited to your bank account within 3 banking days.

What do I, need to bring ?

  • Patients’ latest medical reports.
  • Prescription of Allopathic medicines being consumed.
  • Normal casual wear is dresses, pajamas, sarees, etc.
  • Warm clothing and Blankets.
  • Comfortable footwear and clothing for yoga.
  • Flasks, glass, and dining plates for personal use.

Is there, any particular diet during the treatment period ?

  • Food is the part of treatment, and for better results of treatments, we insist vegetarian food only be supplied from the
    canteen as per the direction of the doctors.
  • Â According to the nature of the illness, food items is decided. Generally, it will be less spicy and oily.
  • Uncooked and unboiled items, citric fruits, curd, and cold items are not generally allowed.
  • Apples, Pomegranates & boiled ripe Bananas are allowed.

What kind of food do you serve ?

  • We serve vegetarian food only. It is low fat, low salt and less spicy. Guests on a medical programme will be put on a
    custom diet.

Shall we, do the yoga during the panchakarma treatment ? And is there any facility for yoga, prayer, etc. ?

  • Normally there is no restriction. However, consult the doctor before starting any Yoga postures and follow the directions
    of the doctor for better results of panchakarma treatment.
  • Facilities are available for yoga & prayers.

Do you have any wellness programs ?

  • We are in the service of curative treatments.

Do I need to take medicines after the treatment ?

  • At the time of discharge, internal medicines and external applications are normally advised, for a minimum of two or more months and after subsequent review, further advice will be given.

How to get, the follow-up medicines after treatment ?

  • Medicines can purchase at the time of discharge, from Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital.
  • By VPP and Courier service

How can Non-Residents get the follow-up medicines ?

  • Send your requests for medicine to ayurdanayurveda@gmail.com according to the Doctors prescription.
  • Please quote the duration or exact quantity of medicine.
  • Make payments through NEFT/RTGS or you can deposit money at our office at the time of discharge.
  • After receiving payment, medicines will be dispatched within 2 to 3 working days.
  • We will E-mail you the courier tracking No.
  • Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital is not responsible for clearing the medicines at the point of destination. Patients or
    relatives need to check their Government rules and regulations before ordering. We will provide all supporting documents.

Can I travel during tretments ?

  • Patients are not allowed to travel, while in treatment at Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital
  • For best results, start your treatment after all your travels, so as to, rejuvenate yourself.