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Panchakarma is a rejuvenation therapy in Ayurveda. The Pancha (Five) Karma (Action) approach to disease prevention is a combination of five tried-and-tested treatment techniques that revitalizes patients by restoring their physical and mental equilibrium. Panchakarma’s value lies in the herbal and organic medicines used, which exempts it from the risks of side effects, common to many modern-day drugs. The concept behind it is that a majority of sicknesses are caused by consumed foods and environmental toxins.

Panchakarma treatment is unique since it ensures both short-term and long-term well-being of the individual. It scrupulously avoids the instant gratification approach . Shamana and Shodhana are the two categories of rejuvenation therapies practised.

The Panchakarma Procedure

Panchakarma is performed in three stages that methodically lead the body through a variety of therapies.

The first stage is Purvakarma, where oleation therapy and induced intense sweating loosen excess doshas and toxins accumulated in the body.

In the actual treatment, Pradhanakarma, a specialized treatment is administered to expel impurities, and revitalize the system

The final stage is Paschatkarma, where a rehabilitation plan with diet, rest and lifestyle modifications is prescribed to prevent recurrence of the disease. This post-treatment care sets Ayurveda apart from other fields of medicine.

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