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Orthopaedic ( Pain Management )

At Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital we have highly vibrant and well skilled Orthopaedic and Marma Therapy consultants who offer conservative management of fractures, dislocations and sprains.

Personalized care for spinal conditions like

  • Cervical and lumbar spondylosis
  • Inter vertebral disc diseases
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Rheumatology complaints
Management and rehabilitation of neurological conditions and other bone and joint problems

We provide a full range of non-invasive holistic treatment options using multi-disciplinary assessment and ayurvedic medical procedures with advanced technologies.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Back Ache

Vata predomince is seen in Kadeegraham (Low back pain). Wrong postures, Prolapsed,herniated or bulge of intervertebral disk, Sprain in muscle or ligament, inflammation of the pelvic joints, chronic constipation,arthritis of spine,sciatica any of this can cause either a sudden or a gradual onset of low back ache.Oral medication and treatments like kadeevasti, Sneha dhara, Dhanyamla dhara, pathrapotala swedam and vasthi(Herbal enemas) helps to alleviate the visciated Vata.Certain Yoga postures are also helpful for strengthening the spine

Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis

This disease is mainly seen in two forms. When associated with excessive toxins or Aama,there may be swelling, fever, heaviness and restricted movements in joints. It is termed as Aamavata (Rheumatoid arthritis).The first line of treatment will be internal medicines to correct digestion and to reduce fever and swelling in joints. Warm fomentation with herbal powder and medicinal wraps are ideal in this stage. Whereas in chronic arthritis there will not be any fever but movements will be restricted with pain and swelling.This is termed as sandhivata / Osteo-arthritis.This is treated with oil massage, Certain type of fomentation with herbal powders, oil bath to local part (sneha dhara) and shathika pinda swedam (Njavara kizhi).

After assessing the level of toxins in the body, your doctor may advice detoxifying Panchakarma therapies such as Virechana (Purgation) or Vasti (oil based enemas and medicinal Enemas) to expel the toxins from the system followed by internal medicines for a complete recovery.There are other types of diseases connected to joint pain like Gout, Psoriatic arthritis, Rheumatic fever etc. Treatment varies according to the signs and symptoms.

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